SAB Job Vacancies 2020

A Plant and Brewery-Based Job Opportunities with SAB on 2020 for Ambitious Job Seekers Wanting a Smart Choice Workplace
SAB is known as one of the world’s Top 3 Global Brewers that have spread its presence in more than 60 countries, including South Africa. Having already owned 7 breweries, 42 depots, 2 malting plants, and 1 hop production plant, as well as 14 unique independent distributors, this SABMiller PLC’s subsidiary, has recently succeeded in being the brewing company with the second largest volume all over the world.

At the same time, SAB doesn’t only rely on its ingredients’ and brands’ presence. Rather, it continually seeks, develops, and rewards highly-skilled people so that they can contribute in growing SAB’s business as well as be able to maximise their potential in delivering positive impacts for SAB. One of SAB’s efforts in recruiting talents is through annual job vacancies in SAB’s various career paths from the Supply Chain/Logistics to the Industrial Psychology/Human Resource Management.

SAB’s Job Vacancies’ Schemes’ Overview and Its Sample Jobs on 2020
SAB relies on its top-notch workforces in terms of producing and combining its entire high-quality ingredients. Not only that these workforces are skilled in producing SAB and ABI-originated artisans and business leaders, but SAB itself also tries in recruiting more intelligent self-starter individuals who have integrity, can teamwork well, and have passions to work in a top-ranked global beverage brewing company like SAB.

Consequently, SAB offers sample job position that can realise job seekers’ opportunities to maximise their career potentials every year. For this 2020 year, these sample job positions are available in accepting new applicants:

  • Energy and Fluids Manager
  • Maintenance Controller
  • Customer Credit Consultant X 20
  • Maintenance Planner
  • and much more (refer to SAB’s official job search portal for more information on SAB’s sample jobs on 2020 along with each of its most updated minimum job requirement).

SAB’s Career Vacancies’ Application Process
The application process of SAB’s job vacancies begin when applicants click on their desired position and the “Apply” button once redirected to a new window. After being redirected to another login page, applicants can begin by clicking on the “Not Registered?” text and start to fill in their personal data, CV, and the entire required documents.

Applicants should not only ensure the completeness of their documents or their attached job’s reference code, but they also have to be ready in case SAB informs them about new job vacancies that they can apply to. Otherwise, they can proceed to fill in their necessary documents until there are further email notifications from SAB within 60 days of document submission processes that stated they can go one step further.

Every application package will be screened by SAB’s Talent Acquisition Consultants or HR Practitioners. In some cases, successful candidates might require additional phone interview sessions before they can do their face-to-face interviews and on-site psychometric test sections depending on the job they applied.

After passing the final job application stages, candidates will be invited to discuss financial matters and any pertinent information about SAB to make sure that they make a Smart Choice in choosing SAB as their employer. Before they can be granted a job offer, SAB will ask these candidates to undergo reference checks.

SAB’s Job Vacancies’ Opening and Closing Dates per 2020
SAB usually opens new career opportunities every first and mid-month and closes it at the end of each month. However, since each year and sample job position have their own deadline, it is important for applicants to view on SAB’s main job vacancies’ portal.

SAB’s Job Opportunities-Related Contact Number
Call for SAB’s Customer Call Line on 0860 12 14 14 if there are any questions regarding on SAB’s job opportunities.

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