Old Mutual Job Vacancies 2020

Old Mutual Finance and Insurance-Related Job Opportunities on 2020 for Anyone Wanting to Work for the “Top Employer of South Africa”
Even though Old Mutual has spread its wings to the Africa, Europe, America, and Asia continent until now, South Africans should be the proudest of having Old Mutual since this financial and insurance-based company was first built at Cape Town, South Africa, on 1845 or 171 years ago. Until now, Old Mutual has already owned four strong business brands, namely, Old Mutual Emerging Markets, Nedbank, Old Mutual Wealth (OMW) and Old Mutual Asset Management (OMAM).

The managed separation as the Group’s main strategy in operating its entire four business brands has succeeded in its overall ability to access a one-of-a-kind shareholder base through unique capital structures and dividend policies. At the same time, Old Mutual also has its more than 60 thousand workers all over the world as its main profit driving force. Furthermore, its job openings permit more entries for potential highly-competent workers to join Old Mutual and strengthen its market advantages.

Old Mutual’s Job Opportunities’ Schemes and Its Sample Jobs on 2020
Old Mutual has remained to be one of South Africa’s best place of working for financial services and insurance sectors since 2016, a time when it received a “Top Employer in South Africa” award. Until now, this multinational company has employed more than 61,000 employees worldwide, including in South African areas such as Cape Town, Gauteng, KZN, Eastern Cape, and much more.

This company also has an equal opportunity scheme that welcomes every prospective employee regardless of their backgrounds. Additionally, Old Mutual will also give competitive salaries and other participative management-based bonuses for every employee who has proven their prolific advantages, hard works, and capabilities to take on company’s challenges in every department and job type possible.

These following sample jobs in Old Mutual are available to be chosen by future workers on 2020:

  • HR Support Specialist
  • Payroll Specialist, Client Services and Operations and Administration (OMSA)
  • Commissioned Financial Advisor, Sales & Distribution (OMSA)
  • and much more (click on the green-colored “Career Seekers” button located on below of Old Mutual’s job vacancies’ portal for more information on Old Mutual’s sample jobs on 2020).

Applicants should bear in mind that each job has different job description and responsibility. Therefore, there will be unique minimum criteria to each job that should be paid attention of aside from having a minimum Grade 12 or Matric graduate and a legal permission to work in South Africa.

How to Apply for Old Mutual’s Career Vacancies
Application processes for Old Mutual’s career vacancies begin at its main career portal, in particular, when applicants click on the “Career Seekers” button located at the bottom of its main career portal. After being redirected to Old Mutual’s job opportunities’ information systems, applicants should register for their CV and complete their documents from there on.

Registering CVs to Old Mutual’s career systems can be done by clicking on the “Apply Now” button located on the right side of each posted job. Click on the “Register” text after being redirected to begin filling in Old Mutual’s application forms along with uploading all necessary documents.

Opening and Closing Dates for Old Mutual’s Career Vacancies on 2020
Old Mutual gives out career opportunities every year, including on 2020. Visit Old Mutual’s career portal for more information on Old Mutual’s different job’s opening and closing dates.

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