Lancet Laboratories Job Vacancies 2020

Lancet Laboratories’ 2020 Job Opportunities for Job Seekers who are Passionate in Working at the South African’s Medical Diagnosis Sector
By having a fixed orientation in medical diagnostic processes, Lancet Laboratories become one of Africa’s leading company in providing comprehensive monitor and diagnostic pathology processes. Until now, Lancet Laboratories have spread its wings to South Africa, Botswana, Ghana, Kenya, Mozambique, Nigeria, Swaziland, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia, Zimbabwe.

Rather than merely relying on its SANAS accredited and ISO Standard 15189 diagnostic quality, Lancet Laboratories commit to hire and develop highly-talented prospective workers to accomplish its strategic goals. To this, Lancet Laboratories open up job opportunities for future workers to work and develop their creativity with this laboratory and plant-based company.

Lancet Laboratories’ Job Opportunities’ Schemes and Sample Job Positions for the Year of 2020
As a Group company that emphasised its business operations to the medical, pharmacy, and diagnostic world, Lancet Laboratories focuses its job opportunities’ schemes to support its medic-oriented business operations, even for seemingly-unrelated departments such as finance and accounting, Quality Assurance and Control in Information Technology, marketing, customer relationship management, or human resources and training.

Lancet Laboratories aren’t primarily concerning themselves in employing workers, even though this is essential in terms of its job recruiting processes. Rather, they put emphasis on developing leadership potential for its employees through various internal and external Leadership and Executive Enhancement programmes and health’s diagnostic-oriented technical training programmes as follows:

  • Phlebotomy Learnerships
  • Student Medical Laboratory Technician Programme
  • Biomedical Technology Internships
  • Student Laboratory Assistant Programme.

These four leadership training programmes are part of Lancet Laboratories’ job opportunities schemes as these training will enhance on future and current Lancet Laboratories’ employees’ authentic leadership skills. In addition, these sample job positions are receiving new potential applicants by 2020:

  • Medical Technologist Histology
  • Medical Technologist Clinpath
  • Laboratory Assistant Histology
  • Registered Nurse
  • Medical Technician
  • and much more (refer to Lancet Laboratories’ career opportunities’ main portal for more information on its sample jobs on 2020 as well as its different set of minimum requirements).

How to Apply for Lancet Laboratories’ Career Opportunities
Applying to Lancet Laboratories’ career opportunities can be done by its online portal or semi-online through emailing or faxing methods depending on each job that applicants want to apply. Please note that applicants should follow the preferred job’s method of applying through clicking on the “Find Out More” button located on each job vacancy’s name on its online job board.

Applicants wanting to apply online should attach and clip all of their documents (including CV) in one PDF format by clicking the “Browse…” button located on the right side of each sample position. They should also complete their personal details such as name, telephone, email, and any important notes regarding on their job applications.

The same things are also required for applicants whose job application method is through email or fax. The difference lies in the document submitting process, where emailed or faxed documents can be separate as long as it comes in manageable sizes.

Shortlisted applicants will then be informed to undergo additional background checks as needed and assessments and interview sessions. The rest of the applicants should keep in mind that only shortlisted applicants will receive further correspondences from Lancet Laboratories within 2 weeks of their application submission. Therefore, applicants should assume their job applications are unsuccessful if they don’t receive anything from Lancet Laboratories since 2 weeks of their application submission.

Lancet Laboratories’ Job Vacancies’ Opening and Closing Dates on 2020
Lancet Laboratories’ career opportunities usually open at the mid-month and close for up to the end of each year depending on each job position. Visit Lancet Laboratories’ main vacancy’s portal for more information on Lancet Laboratories’ job vacancies’ opening and closing dates per 2020.

Lancet Laboratories’ Job Opportunities’ Email Contact
Write emails to [email protected] should there be any questions regarding on Lancet Laboratories’ job opportunities.

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