STATS SA Job Vacancies 2020

STATS SA Job Opportunities on 2020 for Aspiring Statistics Workers who Love Networking in South African Public Sectors
As far as its full name goes, STATS SA (or elaborated as “Statistics South Africa”)’s main goal is to deliver accurate and timely statistic computation results for its end users. In addition, as South African’s national statistical-based organisation, it is of STATS SA’s responsibility to enhance South African communities’ economic growth and development through censuses and surveys-supported decisions from all of its workers.

Until now, STATS SA continues to add more highly-talented people to join its workforce. These entire job opportunities are provided by STATS SA to accomplish its grand vision to deliver “The South Africa I know, the home I understand” through exceptional network-expanding all over the world, including those related to the statistical systems.

STATS SA’s Sample Jobs and Job Descriptions on 2020 along with Its Requirements
Statistician-General (or called “The Director-General of Statistics South Africa”) is one of STATS SA’s sample jobs on 2020 that primarily works as a professional independent head of Statistics South Africa according to South African’s Statistics Act 6 of 1999. This highly-competent job requires a five-year commitment to the STATS SA organisation.

As a part of South Africa’s Statistics Council, it is the responsibility of a Statistician-General to coordinate population censuses, surveys, and any other statistical data collections that are done by over 3,500 workers under its wings. In addition, they should also provide statistic-related advises to the Ministers and other data users to ensure that high-quality and innovative statistic works can be accessed and distributed to every end users.

On top of all, even though they are professional independents, Statistician-Generals should try their best to collaborate at national and international levels with corresponding institutions such as the Statistics Council. Depending on the Department’s mandates, they should also ensure statistical and administrative-based IT or GIS tools are available, ready to be used, and manageable. More information on STATS SA’s Statistician-General can be seen on its official recruitment’s portal.

To qualify for being STATS SA’s Statistician-General, applicants should possess these following criteria:

  • Have an at least Postgraduate qualification (an NQF Level 8) in Statistics, Economics, or Demography
  • Have at least 8-10 years of senior management-leveled experiences in at least 3 years of any States’ organs
  • Know all about South African’s public administration’s regulatory and legislative frameworks as well as statistical trends in and outside South Africa
  • Possess a beyond-ordinary capacity of leading, developing innovative statistics solutions, and communicating with every related organisation or individual
  • Able to build connections and networking systems to prosper STATS SA.

In addition to those aforementioned general requirements, interested applicants for STATS SA’s sample Statistician-General job should attach these following documents with their application letter:

  • Form Z83 (signed and completed)
  • The most updated and detailed CV along with three most current reference letters
  • Certified copies of all obtained qualifications and ID Card.

How to Apply for STATS SA’s Job Opportunities
STATS SA’s application letters, CV, and all of the required documents as mentioned above should either be hand-delivered to 01 Koch Street, Salvokop, Pretoria or sent by postal mail to the Recruitment Manager, Statistics SA, Private Bag X44, Pretoria 0001.

After sending the application package, applicants should wait for STATS SA’s further instructions for the next application stages, including technical test, interview, and background check sessions. As a result, applicants should understand that correspondence will be limited to shortlisted candidates only. Additionally, STATS SA has its own right to revoke prior appointments for undergoing next application stages at any time. Hence, applicants should pay attention to these terms should they become interested in applying for STATS SA’s job opportunities.

STATS SA’s Opening and Closing Dates of 2020’s Career Vacancies
STATS SA itself always open opportunities to embark on career journeys with STATS SA. However, since the different vacant position has their own different opening and closing deadlines per year, it is advisable for job applicants to view on STATS SA’s official job vacancies’ portal for the most updated lists of opening and closing deadlines on 2020.

STATS SA’s Job Opportunities-Related Contact Details
Ms. Mantwa Montshoat can be contacted on her telephone number at (012) 310 4889 for any queries regarding on STATS SA’s job opportunities.

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