Gold Fields Job Vacancies 2020

Job Opportunities in Gold Fields’ Various Departments on 2020 with Competitive Remuneration Schemes
Gold Field’s internationalised presence can be tracked since 1887, where it was first established by Cecil John Rhodes and Charles Rudd in South Africa. This global company with diversified commodity resources and reserves products was mining West Rand’s minerals for the first time, and eventually changed its main portfolio composition to gold as the business grow year to year.

As for this year, Gold Field has expanded not only to South Africa, but also to Ghana, Peru, and Australia, with an overall annual gold production of approximately 2.2 million ounces. Other than gold, Gold Field also produces copper mineral reserves totaling in 454 million pounds. These entire phenomena make Gold Field not only successful as a highly-diverse company, but also a prospective one for future workers to kick-start their mining-based careers.

Gold Field’s Career Opportunities Schemes and 2020’s Sample Positions’ Overviews
Having career opportunities in Gold Field doesn’t only mean working. Rather, employees will be exposed to many large-scale international projects and opportunities to collaborate with highly competent mining professionals. That way, employees can feel achievements as they work in this Health, Safety, and Wellness-centred Group company.

Aside from international exposures with lots of professional networking opportunities, university’s fresh graduates and former employees of past businesses who have been selected to work with Gold Field will be able to enjoy these following benefit schemes:

  • Competitive remuneration and benefits packages that are adjusted by Gold Field’s market segments and individual performances, including short-term incentives and employees’ stock options
  • Comprehensive health benefits for employees and their families along with life insurances that will cover disability-causing diseases and death causes among employees
  • Relocation assistance for employees who are about to be transferred to other areas of Gold Field
  • Generous amounts of vacation leave benefits to enable employees to balance their working and living activities
  • Retirement saving vehicles for the entire Gold Field’s employees in its regional offices.

Those aforementioned benefit schemes are proof that Gold Field doesn’t only look for workers in terms of its career opportunities’ schemes. In fact, Gold Field’s employees are expected to have their own annually-updated Individual Development Plans in each region that should be in-line with Gold Field’s Work Place Skill plans. These plans will then be reviewed by Gold Field’s other employees and managers in a consolidated Group level and be used by Gold Field in enhancing its business operations.

Eventually, working for Gold Field means that there will be rewarding career prospects according to each individual’s career aspirations. From truck drivers and engineers to business-categorised professions such as HR, legal, tax, finances, and much more, employees will have more opportunities to grow personally and professionally with Gold Field’s team members.

Gold Field offers various job vacancies in its variable amounts of departments each year. Visit Gold Field’s official vacancy portal for more information on Gold Field’s sample vacant positions in this 2020 year.

How to Apply for Gold Field’s Job Opportunities
Applicants who are interested in applying for Gold Field’s job opportunities can register themselves through Gold Field’s official job portal website. Prior to registering, they should have a certain job position to be applied for along with all necessary requirements so that their registration process will be easier.

Opening and Closing Dates of Gold Field’s Job Vacancies on 2020
Gold Field’s job vacancies are open throughout the year. Visit Gold Field’s official vacancy portal for more information on its job opportunities’ opening and closing dates on 2020.

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