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Allan Gray’s Investment Management-Based Job Opportunity On 2020 For Those Who Possess Strong Mathematical and Microsoft Excel Skills
Having already managed around US$35 billion in its clients’ equities, fixed interests, and multi-asset mandates, Allan Gray has proved its capabilities as one of South African’s most competent investment management companies. Allan Gray’s presences in other African continents’ countries such as Botswana, Namibia, and Nigeria together builds on Allan Gray’s reputation as they hold several enriching programmes that are in line with South Africa’s and other African countries’ needs.

One of those enriching programmes by Allan Gray is the career vacancy as discussed in this article. When future workers become Allan Gray’s workers in this career vacancy programme, they will not only work through several investment-based projects, but also have opportunities to meet up with Orbit Investment Management and Allan Gray Australia as two of Allan Gray’s sister companies to build trust with Allan Gray’s clients, such as individual and institutional investors, insurance companies, trusts, foundations, and foreign institutions.

Allan Gray’s Career Vacancies’ Schemes and Its Sample Job on 2020 Along with Its Requirements’ Overviews
Allan Gray’s career vacancy programmes are meant to answer South African’s needs to increase the country’s economic conditions and skilled company workers’ amounts. To this, Allan Gray pledges to attract and develop engaged young talents to work as Allan Gray’s employees as well as help Allan Gray to invest more in extraordinarily-talented potential workers for the sake of the South Africa’s country needs.

As a company, Allan Gray doesn’t only stop in becoming the equal opportunity employer. Rather, Allan Gray strives its best to be the best employer with high selection standards to ensure that it retains the right workers at the right functions. In its efforts to become the best employer, Allan Gray offers several bundles of training sessions to enhance its employers’ work qualities as well as to increase their work motivations.

Competitive salaries and participative-based managements are also offered aside from the training programmes in Allan Gray’s career opportunities’ schemes. In addition to those monetary benefits and training sessions, employees will also get health, wellness, and investment-related benefit options that are meant to improve their personal, financial, and professional well-being.

These entire schemes are available for Allan Gray’s entire sample jobs, including the Cape Town-based Trading Allocator as the only sample job in 2020. Trading Allocator itself is a career where people enter, check, and allocate trading portfolios that are suitable for clients’ needs. Reporting processes using Morning Meeting sheets, Diary Pages, and ad-hoc reports to the Trader and Portfolio Managers are also becoming Allan Gray’s Trading Allocator’s key responsibilities as noted in its official career page.

This permanent full-time position as the Trading Allocator in Allan Gray requires the applicants to possess these following qualifications:

  • Graduate from either one of:
    • BCom in Accounting, Actuarial, Economics, Finance, or Statistics
    • BBusSc in Accounting, Actuarial, Economics, Finance, or Quantitative Techniques
    • BEconSc in Finance or Actuarial
    • or any other similar educational qualifications.
  • Attach motivation letters in PDF form, outlining the reasons of why the applicants will be the best person for the Trading Allocator position
  • Able to operate Microsoft Excel
  • Have strong and accurate numeracy skills
  • Be systematic and organised people who also pay extra attention to details
  • Capable to work under pressure and within the deadlines
  • Able to communicate well in both individual and group settings
  • Be energetic self-starters.

Allan Gray’s Career Opportunities’ Application Processes
First of all, applicants should head on to Allan Gray’s official career opportunities’ portal and click on the “Register” text on the portal’s top-right side. Applicants will then be redirected to a page where they can create their job applicant accounts and upload their PDF, TIFF, or JPG CV and all supporting details that are required for their job application.

After those applicants submit their applications, they should wait for further notifications from Allan Gray’s recruiters whether they’re shortlisted or not. Shortlisted applicants will be informed of the interview’s locations as well as dates and times, in which it is forbidden for them to be late. When attending Allan Gray’s interview, it is important for shortlisted applicants to study their CV and bring the entire required documents while dressing formally according to Allan Gray’s rules that are evident on their official website.

In total, there will be around 3 interview sessions that Allan Gray’s employee candidates should undergo before they are appointed as Allan Gray’s employees. Even so, this number varies according to the candidates’ choices of sample jobs in every year.

Allan Gray’s Job Vacancies’ Closing Deadlines on 2020
The job opportunities in Allan Gray are open year-round with its different closing deadlines each year and sample position. For example, the Trading Allocator job as the 2020’s only sample job’s closing deadline is on November 6, 2020.

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