Eskom Job Vacancies 2020

Eskom Profile
Eskom is a company that is responsible for producing 95% of South Africa’s electricity, as well as 45% of Africa’s electricity. The electricity that is produced by the company is then delivered to several establishments, which ranges from industrial, mining, commercial, agricultural, and residential clients. With the increasing demand for electricity in the country, you could see the many developments that are being made to accommodate this demand. One of the ways that Eskom does this is by providing power stations and major power lines all over the nation.

Realizing the greater importance of their role as an electricity provider, Eskom also cooperates with other African establishments to make sure that South Africa could have their demands for electricity met. As achieving sustainable development is one of the key missions of Eskom, it is no secret that the company strives for continuous growth and strength in the specializations of electricity productions, trading, and distribution throughout the entire lands of the nation. For more information about Eskom, visit the official website to find out yourselves!

About Eskom Job Vacancies 2020
As one of the country’s most important companies, it is also crucial for Eskom to constantly find people that are able to lift up and develop the vision of missions of the company’s line of work. As they are responsible in providing energy to millions of people all over the nation, it is no wonder that Eskom seeks for potential, highly skilled individuals with a high sense of professionalism and are willing to contribute to not just the company itself, but also towards the greater good of society.

Therefore, Eskom are looking for future employees that have the right amount of skills, enthusiasm, and dedication combined. Hopefully, employees working under the Eskom name are capable enough to tackle on the current challenges and obstacles of today’s industry in order to create a wonderful and impactful business. With a strong market position and business strategies that aims for a positive approach towards both their employees and their clients, Eskom is bound to achieve fruitful results.

Eskom Job Vacancies 2020 Requirements
Like most other companies, Eskom provides various opportunities that are targeted at different types of job seekers who have their own specializations. Therefore, each job vacancy in Eskom is bound to have their own respective requirements. In order to get to know what your future job vacancy entails, you can check them out through the Recruitment Page. However, if you would like a general image on what the company is looking for, you can visit their official website anytime.

Eskom Sample Job Positions

  • Clerk General Administration
  • Officer Risk Project
  • Technician Production
  • System Engineer
  • Operations-Manager.

How to Apply Eskom Job Vacancy 2020
If you would like to apply for an Eskom Job Vacancy, all applicants are only allowed to do so through its Recruitment Page. Once you have accessed the Recruitment Page, candidates may be able to search through the various job vacancies that are provided by Eskom. Once you have found the perfect job vacancy for you, all you have to do is click on it and follow the online application instructions.

Before you apply online for any of the posted job vacancies, you will be required to create an account beforehand. This account is extremely important, as it uses a Personal History Profile system that stores all of your application forms and documents on its online database which can be saves and used for any other Eskom job vacancy applications in the future. You may also update it for future references. However, if you already have an account, all you have to do is simply log in.

Eskom Contact Details
Office Location:
Megawatt Park
Maxwell Drive

Postal Address:
PO Box 1091

Telephone Number: +27 86 003 7566, SMS: 35328
Email Address: [email protected]
Web Address:

Reference: Eskom; Writer: Larxsati; Editor: Melisa; Picture: xxxxx.

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  1. im looking for learnership of diesel machenic ,or any kind of learnership

  2. Gugu
    I am a former educator and former university lecturer, looking for a job relevant to my qualifications

  3. Gugu

    I have the following qualifications:
    Bachelor of Science in Education
    BEd Hons
    MEd Technology
    Currently pursuing PhD

  4. I have the following qualification
    Security course E,D,C
    Computer point of sales
    Abert certificate
    Driving licence code 10
    Bachelor of education degree
    currently study master of community work degree under DEPT. Of social worker

  5. I have the following qualifications Diploma in Information Technology but I also have experience in Data Capturing and Administration.

  6. I have the following qualifications:
    Grade 12 doing Maths and Science in 2006
    N6 in Electrical Engineering Light Current July 2011
    Code 10 drivers Licence
    I also now request to be informed of the vacancies that are available.My home is in Mthatha in Viedgesville. I live with my brother who is looking for a disability grant.

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