SAFCOL (South African Forestry Companies Limited) Job Vacancies 2020-2021

SAFCOL (South African Forestry Companies Limited) Profile
The South African Forestry Companies Limited, or more commonly referred to as simply SAFCOL, is an establishment that is formed on the basis of contributing greatly to the African forestry industry. SAFCOL aims to provide higher value in their manufacture products by putting in more focus on its quality and coming up with several marketing strategies to further boost their prominence within their stakeholders, relevant businesses, and other government departments as well. At the moment, SAFCOL primarily focuses on both timber harvesting and manufacturing on both local and international scales.

SAFCOL is formed on a strict, legislative basis as per stated by the Founding Documents, the Management of State Forests Act, the Shareholder’s Compact, and other relevant legislation mandates that strengthens the very foundation of this company. All of this is to ensure that SAFCOL remains compliant to improving the rural economic status of the country as they continue to generate profit from the operations. Furthermore, it also allows SAFCOL to take the general public into accountability and become a sustainable company.

About SAFCOL (South African Forestry Companies Limited) Job Vacancies 2020-2021
SAFCOL is currently offering job vacancies to local, South African citizens who would like to be a part of the forestry industry and the domestic economic development. The SAFCOL Job Vacancies is encouraging all members of their local communities to involved in the community. On top of generating wealth, employees of SAFCOL will be fully supported with their facilities in order to become the better versions of themselves as a worker. Rest assured, all SAFCOL Job Vacancies applications will be assess on fair grounds, and everyone is provided an equal opportunity.

SAFCOL (South African Forestry Companies Limited) Job Vacancy Requirements
To apply for a SAFCOL Job Vacancy, there are certain items that you will need to fulfill in order to be considered qualified enough for a position. While each job vacancy has requirements that differ from one another, there are some things that are applied to every applicant as well. Since SAFCOL is a company that mainly deals with the local forestry industry or products, it is highly advisable that all interested candidates have a minimum educational qualification that is related to the field of forestry. In addition, SAFCOL is also home to a variety of different employees ranging from different demographics, in which a majority of them are black, almost half of them are females, and a lot of them are local youths. Therefore, priority will be mainly offered to those who are either black, female, and youths.

SAFCOL (South African Forestry Companies Limited) Sample Job Positions

  • Manager: Purchasing
  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Specialist: Forensic

How to Apply SAFCOL (South African Forestry Companies Limited) Job Vacancy 2020-2021
Applicants who are interested in registering for a SAFCOL Job Vacancy will first need to access the Official SAFCOL Career Portal. Once you have reached the website, there will be a display of all available job opportunities at the time of search. If the job vacancy of your choice is not available yet, no need to get discouraged. You can simply come back any time in the future to check out for more future opening updates.

However, if your preferred job vacancy is currently accepting applications at the moment, you can immediately start on your application procedure. All you have to do is to send in a brief e-mail with valid copies of your relevant certifications, as well as your most recent Curriculum Vitae. Please make sure that all of the documents are correct, and that you are not missing any one of them. Incomplete applications will automatically lower your chances of success with the registration procedure.

Once those documents are compiled, send them in to Ms. Sandra van der Walt (Human Capital Practitioner), at this e-mail address: [email protected]. Any applications that are not sent by e-mail will be immediately disregarded by the committee. If you have any further enquiries or concerns about the SAFCOL Job Vacancies, you can directly contact Ms. Sandra as well at this telephone number: +27 12 436 6378.

Important Notes
Please be kindly advised that the SAFCOL Group is strictly adhering to their applied Employment Equity policies. This means that the company promotes inclusivity in all of their staff members, and are doing their most to accept people of different backgrounds, no matter what gender, race, religion, etc. they are. At the moment, SAFCOL is keeping an eye on females and people with disabilities to join their company. Therefore, any incoming applications will be assessed based on the company’s Employment Equity policies as well.

SAFCOL Contact Details
Office Location:
Head Office – Pretoria
Podium At Menlyn
43 Ingersol Road
Lynnwood Glen

Postal Address:
P.O. Box 1771, Silverton, 0127

Telephone Number: +27 12 436 6300
Facsimile: +27 13 752 6150 (Nelspruit Operational Office)
Email Address: [email protected]
Web Address:

Reference: SAFCOL; Writer: Larxsati; Editor: Melisa; Picture:

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