Beekman Group Job Vacancies in South Africa 2021-2022

Beekman Group Profile
The Beekman Group is a South African company that specializes in property development, specifically within the global leisure field. The establishment accommodates a handful of investment initiatives that allows clients to be involved in commercial and residential properties. Over the past 50 y ears, the Beekman Group has garnered more than enough experience in the competitive industry. Despite all the obstacles they have encountered, the company managed to expand their presence in a total of 5 countries, and is responsible for the management of 35 vacation resorts.

The Beekman Group has a good eye for what’s currently trending within the tourism sector. The company understands the types of holiday home investments that may attract the attention of future domestic and international clients. Alongside properties, the Beekman Group provides tailor-made rental packages to suit their customers needs. With this work ethic instilled, its comas as no surprise that the Beekman Group has managed to garner more than R1.5 billion in revenue and 80 000 clients worldwide.

About Beekman Group Job Vacancies in South Africa 2021-2022
The Beekman Group is searching for professional, future employees who are able to fill in their available job vacancies in multiple inter-company departments. The establishment is an ever-expanding company that relies on the talented, hard working souls of their employees to bring forward new innovations onto the market. In order to become an influential leader amongst other companies, the Beekman Group puts their trust into their own people to provide quality customer service towards their clients.

Working for the Beekman Group will allow employees to develop themselves greatly. With a dynamic working environment, workers are constantly subjected to changes. These changes will then further encourage employees to progress in their respective career choices under the Beekman Group. Some of the career departments that you’ll find in the Beekman Group are as follows:

  • Human Resources
  • Administration
  • Marketing
  • Customer Care
  • IT
  • Accounting

Selected employees of the Beekman Group will be subjected to the company’s various assessments. These include personal interviews, psychometric evaluations, and verifications of your qualifications. Strict as the application procedure may be. However, you’ll find that all the effort will be rewarding once you become a full-fledged Beekman Group employee.

Beekman Group Company Benefits

  • Performance Management: employees are evaluated from time to time based on the outputs they have delivered throughout their entire working duration. In return, employees will receive beneficial feedback to improve their skills
  • Staff Health and Welfare: a number of health benefits and wellness programmes are given out in order to support employees through physical, mental, and emotional means
  • Employee Relations: all employees are treated with the same amount of respect as based on their policies
  • Remuneration: depending on the progress you have displayed, you will be entitled to a number of rewards (both financial and non-financial).

Beekman Group Job Vacancy Requirements
To apply for a Beekman Group Job Vacancy, it is extremely crucial for all candidates to fulfill the eligibility criteria. While the requirements of each job vacancy have their own specific qualifications, all employees share the same set of company values as well. It is important that you uphold these criteria beforehand in order to get on the selection committee’s good side. Failure to do so might reduce your chances of success with registrations.

The Beekman Group Job Vacancy Requirements are as follows:

  • Takes great importance of the quality of their service
  • Knows how to deliver output in an effective manner
  • Puts on a customer-centric attitude
  • Understands their workload on a multi-disciplinary manner
  • Can be trusted upon and takes full accountability of their actions
  • Maintains strong integrity
  • Has a sense of innovation
  • Allows themselves to grow as a worker and a overall person
  • Following the company’s Equal Opportunities policies, preference is offered towards certain designated groups.

Beekman Group Sample Job Positions

  • Social Media/Online Consultant
  • Receptionist Assistant
  • Housekeeping
  • Resort General Manager
  • Laundry
  • Food and Beverage Bookkeeper

How to Apply Beekman Group Job Vacancy 2021-2022
Applications for the Beekman Group Job Vacancy are done online. To get started with your registrations, visit the Official Beekman Jobs Portal. You can take a look at all of the available job vacancies at the moment. If you happen to find a particular position that you’re interested in, you can simply apply for it directly on the portal.

However, if your desired position happens to be closed right now, no need to worry. Come back to the website any time in the future to check for new opening updates. Just be sure to visit regularly so that you don’t miss out on any notifications! Should you require further information regarding any job vacancies, do not hesitate to reach out through the provided contact details.

Beekman Group Contact Details
Office Location:
3 Daly Street
Port Shepstone
South Africa

Postal Address:
Private Bag 702
Port Shepstone
South Africa

Telephone Number: + 27 39 688 5000
Facsimile: +27 39 688 5005
Email Address: [email protected]
Web Address:

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