ArcelorMittal Job Vacancies in South Africa 2020-2021

ArcelorMittal Profile
ArcelorMittal is a worldwide Mining and Metals company that focuses on steel production and other forms of metals. Based in South Africa, ArcelorMittal prides themselves in their sustainable and environmentally-friendly work ethic. Despite attaining a stunning reputation as one of the top producers or iron and coal, the company make sure that all workers follow the necessary safety protocols, and all of the minerals produced have a strong, long-lasting usage. For a company that has less than 20 years of experience in the industry, it is a surprising yet refreshing change for the mining world – especially when it is in need of more quality research into their products, and better distribution systems.

In South Africa alone, ArcelorMittal is based in several locations, such as Gauteng, Western Cape, and KawZulu Natal. These operations house more or less 9 500 hardworking employees. This is an impressive feat, considering that the ArcelorMittal Group itself has a total of 330 000 working staff scattered across 60 nations. Every worker in the group, no matter where they are based in, are dedicated to the development of their capabilities and are preparing themselves to become future leaders of the industry. As the company gears up to face the new generation of Industry 4.0, ArcelorMittal is constantly coming up with innovative ways to deliver their steel, iron ores, and coal services – complete with top-notch customer service, commitment, and absolute safety.

About ArcelorMittal Job Vacancies 2020-2021
ArcelorMittal is offering multiple job vacancies for interested South African individuals who wish to be a part of the flourishing Mining and Metals Industry. The ArcelorMittal Job Vacancies are held for the general public as a means to invite potential employees into their company. The company upholds a strong belief in the quality of their products. In order to become a better company, in terms of production, manufacturing, and delivery, ArcelorMittal is constantly in need of new workers who are knowledgeable and have the willingness to learn. On top of that, employees will need to be flexible enough to adapt to their company’s dynamic changes.

In a working environment like ArcelorMittal Group, all workers are more than encouraged to grow in their own chosen career paths. Human capital is a great investment in the company, and executives ensure that a set of initiatives are conducted to fully develop their available staff. In return, all employees are expected to take part in the growth of their sustainable working environment as well. In addition, the company strictly adheres to their Employment Equity Policy, in which everyone is given a fair amount of opportunity as a means to contribute to the South African economy.

At the moment, ArcelorMittal is opening job vacancies in several departments, such as:

  • Information Management
  • Finance
  • Investor Relations
  • Communications
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Legal
  • Human Resources
  • Procurement and Logistics

ArcelorMittal Job Vacancy Requirements
Set your sights in an ArcelorMittal Job Vacancy? All employment seekers will need to check out all of the eligibility criteria that is asked by the company. Each of these items below will determine your acceptance into a particular job vacancy. Failure to meet all of these may result in disadvantageous consequences towards the overall outcome of your application. Therefore, make sure to pay attention to everything below.

The ArcelorMittal Job Vacancy Requirements are as follows:

  • Must display exceptional passion for the South African Mining and Metal Industry
  • Possess an immense amount of talent
  • Believes in the value of sustainability
  • Proves to be in line with the type of work that the company practices
  • Shows quality leadership capabilities
  • Has basic knowledge of the industry.

ArcelorMittal Sample Job Positions

  • Civil Engineer
  • Support Process Engineer
  • Maintenance Engineer
  • Information Process
  • Electric Engineer

How to Apply ArcelorMittal Job Vacancy 2020-2021
If you fulfill all of the ArcelorMittal Job Vacancy Requirements, you may now proceed to register for employment. All you have to do is visit the Official ArcelorMittal Online Recruitment Platform to get started. Click on the portal to check the availability status of the job vacancy that you desire. If the position is currently open, you can directly send in your applications on the portal. However, if it’s closed at the moment, you can always come back to the portal in the future to check for new openings.

On the very same online platform, there are a couple of things that you can do as well. Not only can you view other existing positions in South Africa, but you can also check out what the company has to offer all over the glove. On top of that, you can custom make your own online profile, and you might stand a chance of getting noticed by a potential well-name employer. If you would like to receive future notifications of positions that match your qualifications, you can request for a direct e-mail when a suitable position comes across your way.

ArcelorMittal Contact Details
Office Location:
4 Samuel Street
South Africa

Postal Address:

Telephone Number: +27 16 988 0509
Facsimile: +27 16 988 0508
Email Address:
Web Address:

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