Department of Home Affairs Job Vacancies 2020

Department of Home Affairs’ 2020 Job Vacancies with Strong Opportunities for Employees’ Career Advancement
The Department of Home Affairs’ key responsibilities is not only rooted in matters of South African citizens’ or foreigners’ homes. Rather, it is also of the Department of Home Affairs’ responsibilities to provide safe and secure migrating places for the sake of its stakeholders’ identity guarding as well as promoting development and fulfilling its international obligation, as stated in its missions.

In doing its jobs to serve those who have and want to stay or work in South Africa as well as South African people themselves, the Department of Home Affairs always manages to use effective and efficient ways. Providing job opportunities as parts of its unique and empowering programmes are no exception to this highly efficient manner. After all, these entire efforts by the Department of Home Affairs are used to achieve the image of a safe and secure South Africa, as noted in its grand vision.

Department of Home Affairs’ Job Opportunities’ Schemes and Document Requirements
The Department of Home Affairs’ career opportunities’ scheme is best summarised as an extensive turnaround programme with exciting and challenging career paths in a public organisation that is always renewing itself. Hence, in its job opportunities’ schemes, the Department of Home Affairs ensures to recruit passionate and talented individuals who are ready to deliver world-class services that are in-line with South African citizens’, residents’, and visitors’ needs as well as the Department of Home Affairs’.

As an organisation that employs an equal opportunity for every employee’s career advancements, the Department of Home Affairs is the best place to work and to affirm fast promotions or transfers regardless of the employees’ racial, gender, or disability-related backgrounds.

Every year, the Department of Home Affairs always hold several career opportunities with each of its distinctive sample positions. Even though every sample job position have their own requirements, applicants for the Department of Home Affairs’ job vacancies should submit these following documents as parts of their job application packages:

  • Form Z.83 (obtainable from any of South African’s Public Service departments, South African government’s official website, or through the online web page)
  • A long version of the most recently-updated CV
  • Two referees’ recommendations (Special Note: The entire referees should know applicants’ work capacities and ready to be contacted by the Department of Home Affairs)
  • Certified copies of all prior qualifications (Special Note: Educational qualifications that are obtained outside South Africa should be SAQA-certified)
  • Certified copies of ID cards with original stamps and/or valid driver licenses (if any).

Job Application Processes in the Department of Home Affairs
Applicants who are interested in applying for the Department of Home Affairs’ job vacancies can either hand-deliver or e-mail their application packages to the Department of Home Affairs’ assigned contact details.

If they choose to apply by e-mail, they should ensure that their application packages as a whole don’t exceed 2.5 MB, else, they should break those e-mails to different parts so that their applications will be considered. On the other hand, applicants’ signatures are mandatory when they choose to hand-deliver their application packages.

Applicants should also ensure the completeness of their application packages, along with all important details such as addresses and opening or closing dates, in order for them to have their job applications considered by the Department of Home Affairs’ Recruitment Team.

After 3 months of the position’s closing date, shortlisted applicants will receive a notification to undergo background checks and competency assessment tests accordingly. After passing those two tests, shortlisted applicants will be interviewed and given another technical exercise that will measure their technical abilities according to their selected Departments.

After the interview sessions have been passed, shortlisted applicants should attend a generic managerial competency assessment that is done according to the DPSA’s Director’s mandates and aims to measure the shortlisted candidates’ management abilities in general. Only those who have passed these whole application processes will be offered a job position in the Department of Home Affairs.

Department of Home Affairs’ 2020’s Job Vacancy’s Opening and Closing Dates
The Department of Home Affairs’ job vacancies are open year-round, including on 2020. For more details regarding on each sample position’s opening and closing dates in 2020, visit the Department of Home Affairs’ official career portal.

Department of Home Affairs’ Job Vacancy-Related Contact Details
In cases of further questions regarding on the Department of Home Affairs, applicants should contact the Department of Home Affairs’ Contact Centre by these following telephone number and e-mail address:

xxx Contact Details
Office Location:

Postal Address:

Telephone Number: aaaaa
Facsimile: aaaaa
Email Address: aaaaa
Web Address: aaaaa

Reference: Department of Home Affairs; Writer: Larxsati; Editor: Melisa; Picture: xxxxx.

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  4. I would like to share my administrative and Data capturing experiences with the Department of Home Affairs

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