Sasol Job Vacancies 2020

Information about Sasol Job Opportunities that are Compatible for Job Seekers Hunting for Jobs in Chemical Companies
Since its inception in 1950 at Sasolburg, South Africa, Sasol has been the world’s pioneer of oil-from-coal resources. Until now, it continues to develop and commercialise its chemical products in many different ways, including synthetic fuel technologies and many other liquid-formed fuels, chemicals, and electricity-related products.

In addition to its long history of innovation, Sasol has an overall solid financial performance when compared to other similar industries. Not only that it is listed on JSE, but it is also present on the NYSE, resulting in its award as the largest corporate tax-payer in South Africa. Such a strong financial capability and innovative streaks make Sasol a great place for every job hunter to work inside it, especially given that it treasures its people a lot.

Sasol’s Job Opportunities’ Schemes and Its Sample Jobs on 2020
Sasol prizes its workforces as people groups that make positive differences in their business activities and deliver feedbacks that are useful for sustaining Sasol company’s growth. Sasol doesn’t merely rely on its whopping amount of 31,000 employees all over its 37 countries’ branches, rather, it also has more than ten thousand contractors and suppliers as well as communities that are continually increasing in number.

In order to be closer to its long- and short-term business goals, Sasol continually recruits highly-exceptional and skilled people with great motivation to learn and innovate creatively while they are working. There are many sample jobs in Sasol in each of its different value chain phases, namely, oil, gas, and mining, that belongs to Sasol’s upstream value chain, mid-and downstream chains such as chemicals and energy, or even functions such as marketing, as mentioned in its main career introduction portal.

In this year, these Sasol’s sample jobs are receiving new applicants:

  • Distribution Controller 1
  • Inspections Database Administrator
  • Admin Assistant Supply Chain
  • Document Controller
  • Maintenance Assistance Grade 2
  • and much more (refer to Sasol’s official career portal for more information on Sasol’s sample job positions along with its distinctive minimum requirements).

How to Apply for Sasol’s Career Opportunities
Job applicants can click on the “Apply” button located on the “Select Action” drop-down menu located on the right side of each sample job position on its official job portal site. Those candidates can then be able to create their new accounts by clicking on the “Create an account” and complete their profile and required documents after being redirected.

Applicants who have previously had their Linkedin account can connect their Linkedin account with Sasol’s official applying portal through the “Apply using Linkedin” button located on the drop-down menu of “Select Action” next to each sample position.

Candidates should have received instructions to the next selection phases, such as online assessment or interview sections if they are shortlisted. Else, if they haven’t heard anything from Sasol for a long time, they should assume that their applications have gone unsuccessful.

Opening and Closing Dates of Sasol’s Job Vacancies on 2020
Sasol opens up opportunities to work for Sasol every year. Visit Sasol International career opportunities portal for more information on each sample position’s opening and closing deadlines per 2020.

Sasol’s Career Opportunities’ Contact Details
South African candidates can email [email protected] in case of further questions regarding on the technical aspects of Sasol’s online recruitment system.

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Reference: Sasol; Writer: Larxsati; Editor: Melisa; Picture: xxxxx.

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