Santam Job Vacancies in South Africa 2021-2022

Santam Profile
Santam Limited is a South African establishment that specializes in a number of financial and short-term insurance services. Originally based in Bellville, Western Cape, the establishment has managed to expand itself to other neighboring countries in Africa, namely Zimbabwe, Malawi, Zambia, Uganda, and Tanzania. Possessing a massive market share that exceeds 22%, Santam has managed to secure a strong position in the Johannesburg Stock Exchange.

Santam is committed to serving a wide demographic of clients with the insurance services. Additionally, the company has garnered a reputation for helping companies build themselves financially in the market. Insurance operations are conducted through a proper, transparent work ethic that allows clients to trust the company. This has greatly helped in establishing long-lasting relationships between Santam and clients. By emphasizing a sense of integrity and responsibility, Santam has been the favorite of both new and old clients.

Santam is comprised of four business units that make up the core of the establishment which are:

  • Santam Commercial and Personal: providing assistance with clients’ portfolios (multichannel and multiproduct distributions, business), and administrative matters
  • MiWay: acting as the company’s direct insurer for clients
  • Santam Specialist: specializing in any insurance of risk that may occur in multiple sectors
  • Santam RE: offering basic wholesale reinsurance assistance.

About Santam Job Vacancies in South Africa 2021-2022
Santam is offering multiple job vacancies for young employment seekers who display wonderous passion in the specialization of local insurance services. The business, which has run over a total of 100 years, has a strong legacy of incredible performance and executing well-rounded services for their diverse clients. Throughout the years, the company heavily relies on the minds of their team to withstand years of trials and tribulations in the insurance industry. Everyone aims for nothing but absolute excellence. This has motivated the Santam team to overcome whatever obstacle they have encountered in the past generations.

Working for Santam is not a mere corporate, office job. The company is constantly seeking out for talented individuals who display skills in multi-disciplinary fields. Under a bright working environment, employees are encouraged by the company to grow as not just a mere worker, but also as a human being. The company may depend on you to perform a series of responsibilities, but Santam also provides the same amount of care for their clients towards their own employees. Employees are simply not just employees in Santam – everyone is an important team member with their respectable strengths and capabilities.

Santam Job Vacancy Requirements
Employment seekers looking for a Santam Job Vacancy are highly required to fulfill a set of requirements in the company. Employers of Santam takes job recruitment with great seriousness. The company invests a lot in an employee’s self-development and well-being, provided that you can provide great performance throughout your time in the establishment. While each job vacancy has their own specific set of requirements, all employees are expected to uphold certain shared values that reflect the company’s image.

The Santam Job Vacancy Requirements are as follows:

  • Must be able to perform effectively with a smart work ethic
  • Displays a strong sense of leadership
  • Possesses innovative capabilities
  • Knows how to think outside of the box
  • Willing to learn from other people
  • Has a competitive edge
  • Passionate about their chosen role in the company
  • Can work with other team members
  • Knows how to have an optimal work-life balance
  • Able to express opinions and provide feedback for the company
  • Adhere to all of the company’s codes of conduct
  • Holds a high sense of integrity.

Santam Sample Job Positions

  • Merit Field Assessor
  • Call Centre Agent
  • Theft Motor Claims Service Consultant
  • Internal Arbitrator
  • Motor Claims Service Consultant

How to Apply Santam Job Vacancy 2021-2022
Applications for a Santam Job Vacancy can simply be done from the comfort of your homes. All you need is a laptop and a proper Internet connection. To get started, call interested candidates must access the Official Santam Careers Portal. Candidates can search for their desired job position through this nifty careers portal.

Once you have stumbled upon the vacancy of your choice, you will need to see whether it’s accepting applications or not. This is due to the fact that the availability status of each position may differ from one time to another. If it’s absolutely available right now, you can directly register for the vacancy on the website.

Candidates are highly encouraged to register as soon as possible once they feel suitable for a certain vacancy. Since applications are conducted online, there can be room for possible online disruptions such as heavy Internet traffic. To prevent such incidents from happening, make sure you immediately apply way before the position’s closing date.

Santam Contact Details
Office Location:
1 Sportica Crescent Tyger Valley Bellville, 7530 South Africa

Postal Address:

Telephone Number: +27 21 915 7000
Email Address: [email protected]
Web Address:

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