Glencore Job Vacancies 2020

Glencore Profile
Glencore is a natural resources company that has paved its way into the global industry dating back to as long as the 1970s. As a tradin company, Glencore has become the premier producer producer and marketer of commodities with a total of approximately 158,000 employees based from all parts of the world. Alongside a total of 150 mining and metallurgical operational sites, as well as oil production assets and agricultural facilities that make up Glencore, the company also also provides and markets commonly-used commodities that are oftentimes utilized by steel-makers, vehicle manufacturers, power companies and processors of oil and food. Through this way of doing business, Glencore contributes greatly to the productions of many things in the local and international markets. Find out more about the company by visiting the official Glencore website.

About Glencore Job Vacancies 2020
Glencore is currently looking out for potential employees that would like to pursue their career paths with the Glencore company. All of the positions provided are carried out for individuals who come from all walks of life and originate from different backgrounds, races, genders, religions, and regions of the nation. Once you have become part of the Glencore working force, you will be given the privilege of becoming a part of the most experienced, and accomplished industry in the market. Glencore is not just looking for employees who can garner profit – they are looking for lifelong learners who are passionate about sharpening their skills and expertise.

The Glencore Working Culture is based off on several key items that are beneficial towards the betterment of the company, which consists of:

  • The culture of entrepreneurialism
  • The culture of career development
  • The culture of safety
  • The culture of diversity
  • The culture of sustainability.

Glencore Job Vacancies Requirements
Glencore offers a variety of job vacancies that cater to the company’s main line or work. Because there are tonnes of different job positions that are offered by the company, the requirements for the positions differ as well. If you would like to know what kinds of requirements you need to fulfill, you can take a look at the job description of each position offered on the Job Page. While there are no set of general requirements, if you would like a picture of what the Glencore company is looking for in its future working staff, you see it through their official website.

Glencore Sample Job Positions

  • Safety Officer
  • Artisan (Fitter)
  • Coordinator Materials Management
  • Mining Engineer
  • Mine Geologist.

How to Apply Glencore Job Vacancy 2020
Excited to being a new step in your career path with Glencore? Then its time to sign up! First thing on  the list is to visit the Glencore Job Page. When you’re there already, you can take a look at all of the job vacancies that are available on Glencore at the time of search. However, don’t be discouraged if your preferred job vacancy is not made available yet. You can always come back to the website to see whether the job vacancy has opened its doors or not.

If you have any further inquiries on how to sing up for a Glencore Job Vacancy, you can refer to the contact information that we have provided right below this article. Applying for a job position can be intimidating, especially if this is your first time. Therefore, make sure you receive all the help you need in order to have a smooth, successful, job application process.

Manage Job Alert Profile
If you are interested in many of the other opportunities provided by Glencore, but would like a simpler way to get updates other than by constantly checking the website regularly, your wish is our command! While you are logged into your account at the Glencore Job Page, all you have to do is manage your Job Alert Profile to simply get the latest news on any job openings.

Through the Job Alert Profile, you will be able to utilize this tool to have the website instantly send you e-mails of new job vacancy advertisements. If there are any jobs that may meet your needs or qualifications, you will be given the notifications through e=mail. Never miss another fruitful job opportunity by signing up for the Job Alert Profile!

Glencore Contact Details
Office Location:
Glencore Operations SA
Number 39 Melrose Boulevard
3rd Floor
Worley Parsons Building
Melrose Arch
South Africa

Postal Address:
Suite 19
Private Bag X1
Melrose Arch

Telephone Number: +27 11 772 0600
Facsimile: +27 11 722 0696
Email Address:
Web Address:

Reference: Glencore; Writer: Larxsati; Editor: Melisa; Picture: xxxxx.

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