VKB Group Job Vacancies 2021-2022

VKB Group Profile
The VKB Group is a South African company that has revolutionized the local agricultural field since its humble beginnings. Formed almost 100 years ago, the company fulfills the needs and demands of both agricultural products and stakeholders within the specialization. The VKB Group is currently headquartered in Reitz, which is 200km away from the hustling city of Joburg. At the moment, the company particularly deals with grain marketing, mechanized trade, agricultural services, grain field chickens, input and general trade, as well as the general grain industry. With a network of partnering industries under in their portfolio, the VKB Group is able to provide their commodities to multiple establishments.

The VKB Group goes by another name, “the house of brands”. Having been made up of different brands and products, the VKB Group has become iconic within leaders of the agricultural environment. Sustainability is a key value in the VKB Group. Home to a total of 5 500 employees and regarded as one of the biggest employment suppliers in the region, the company recognizes the importance of uplifting their employees to grow the company. Employees are encouraged to be their most confident selves and to treat each other with integrity, empathy, and positivity. By implementing good social citizenship, the VKB Group is on its way to making a mark in the South African markets.

About VKB Group Job Vacancies 2021-2022
The VKB Group is offering several job vacancies to South African employment seekers who are thrilled about the idea of working in the agriculture sector. The VKB Group Job Vacancies are one of the most sought after employment opportunities within the country. Employees are put in a working environment that pushes you to develop your knowledge and skills. As an employee, there is always something new to learn from the operations and businesses that you are assigned with.

The VKB Group work culture is filled with a diverse team of employees originating from a range of backgrounds. There is an always an opportunity in the company that you can take upon to train yourself. Additionally, the VKB Group understands how important giving benefits is for their employees. These benefits include employee discounts, work-life balance, employee wellness programmes, compensation at a market-related value, incentives, employee recognition, and employee workers trust. Working for the VKB Group is not just a mere corporate job – it is a chance for employees to upgrade their career paths with the help of a supportive team.

VKB Group Job Vacancy Requirements
The VKB Group Job Vacancy is available for all employment seekers based in South Africa. However, there are several requirements that will be expected from each applicant. The VKB Group Job Vacancy may ask for different qualifications and attributes depending on the position itself, but all employees share the same company principles and values. Whichever your department, staff members must support the company’s vision and contribute to their culture. Everyone should reflect the values that makes up the VKB Group’s overall identity.

The VKB Group is looking for candidates who understands the business clearly and are never afraid to contribute new perspectives onto the table. At the same time, the company does not just focus on mere work knowledge, but also a capable emotional quotient. Employees must display positivity in the environment, and put an emphasis on passion, integrity, and self-confidence. Employees should also care for their fellow team members and show everyone support. These qualities will turn you into an ideal candidate for any one of the positions offered by the VKB Group.

VKB Group Sample Job Positions

  • Stock Controller
  • Cashier
  • Branch Manager
  • General Worker
  • Millwright

How to Apply VKB Group Job Vacancy 2021-2022
Interested in applying for a VKB Job Vacancy? You can begin your registration right this second. Applicants must access the Official VKB Group Vacancies Portal. Once you have reached the portal, you can see the list of vacancies that are accepting applications at the moment. Should you find a position that most appeals to you, you can directly register for the position on the portal.

Applications are processed online. Candidates are required to fill in the application form provided online. Make sure that you fill in the queries with accurate, personal information. You will also be asked to upload several documents, which includes your most recent photo, Curriculum Vitae, and other important documents. Be sure to complete your applications forms to have your registration recognized by the selection committee.

However, if the VKB Group Job Vacancy is closed at the time of search, no need to fret. Come back to the portal any time in the future to check for new openings updates. Visit regularly so that you don’t miss out on any notifications.

VKB Group Contact Details
Office Location:
VKB Head office
31 President CR Swart St,

Postal Address:

Telephone Number: +27 58 863 8111
Email Address:
Web Address: https://www.vkb.co.za/

Reference: VKB Group; Writer: Larxsati; Editor: Melisa; Picture: vkb.co.za.

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