BMW Job Vacancies 2020

BMW’s Job Opportunities On 2020 With 5 Unique Career Opportunities’ Schemes
Since 1916, a year which it was first found by Franz Josef Popp, the BMW Group (or “BMW”) has been the world’s trendsetter in terms of production technology and sustainability. On top of all, BMW is also known to deliver several premium products with intelligent material mixes and efficient uses of resources, which further strengthen its luxury automobile brands’ presences in comparison with other similar companies, such as Audi and Mercedes-Benz.

As a company that focuses its brands on the premium segments, BMW pledges to be flexible and continually optimise its value chains to bring more competitive advantages in the eyes of its customers. Along with its 105,876 total employees as per 2012, working in BMW means not only challenge to innovate luxury brands with premium qualities but also opportunities to network with as many people as possible.

BMW’s Career Opportunities’ Schemes
Production and Engineering, Finance, IT, Sales and Marketing, and Business Management, are five distinct departments that are available in BMW’s career opportunities’ schemes. These five departments have their own key responsibilities as well as departments and segments that they work on in BMW, which makes a career in BMW become more diversified.

First, the Production and Engineering department works in the BMW South Africa (or “BMW SA”) Production Plant in Rosslyn, Pretoria, to ensure they meet customers’ expectations and deliver vehicles on-time. In this department, there are production, quality, and process and planning experts who have pivotal responsibilities of BMW’s products, particularly the more than 80,000 units of BMW 3 Series Sedans, in the U.S., Canada, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore and Australia.

Second, the Finance department of BMW’s company mainly focuses on creating consolidated financial and budgeting reports for both of the BMW AG’s and Management Boards’ purposes. In BMW’s career opportunities’ schemes, there are the Production Finances sub-departments which are responsible for reporting and focusing on the production costs and capital expenditures as well as value-added means, and the Marketing Finances which specialises in analysing gross profits, invoicing, and becoming debt collectors for the customers, including handling BMW’s On-Call and Motorplan reporting.

Third, the IT department of BMW’s company is primarily responsible for implementing IT-based decisions in the South African’s BMW company and the BMW Group as a whole. They also work and collaborate in terms of designing business processes and innovate on existing technologies with and for other business units in BMW.

Fourth, BMW’s Sales and Marketing department become one of the most pivotal departments in this luxury brand company, as people who work in this department will communicate and do after-sales follow-ups with prospective BMW and MINI customers as well as build networks with related industries or individuals. There are the Brand Management, Aftersales, and the Sales Channel Development as three of its sub-departments, all of which ensures the sales and marketing processes in the BMW company works smoothly.

Finally, BMW’s Business Management department, which is filled with University degree and Vocational Training programme students, is the most flexible one in this career opportunity’s scheme as people in this department can rotate into multiple companies’ departments or functions. There are Human Resources, Procurement and Supply Chain Management, Actuarial Sciences, Strategy and Long-Term Business Development as a part of this Business Management department in BMW.

How to Apply for BMW’s Job Vacancies
Applicants should head over BMW’s main job portal and choose their most suitable position by clicking on the position’s name. Next, they should click on the “Apply Now” button as soon as they are redirected to a new page, which leads them to create a new job seeker account. Only by creating a new account that applicants can upload their CV and other required documents, thus enabling their job applications to be processed.

Opening and Closing Dates of BMW’s Job Opportunities On 2020
BMW opens up new career opportunities every year, including on 2020. Visit BMW’s official career portal to obtain more information regarding its unique opening and closing deadlines per sample positions every year.

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