Edcon Job Vacancies 2020

Edcon Job Opportunities on 2020 for Dynamic-Moving Individuals Interested to Work in the South Africa’s Retail Sectors
Having had expanded its retailing presence since 1929 in more than 1,273 stores across South Africa, Edcon has grown to a more gigantic-sized company with considerable numbers of workforces. Recently, there are more than 20,000 permanent employees and more than 25,000 temporary staffs working as a part of the dynamic-moving Edcon.

As a gargantuan-sized company with strong presences, Edcon prizes itself for its action-oriented and highly-intelligent people. Each year until now, Edcon opens up new career opportunities to further enhance those people and future Edcon workers’ opportunities to advance their career at Edcon.

Edcon’s Sample Departments and Job Opportunities on 2020
Working at Edcon doesn’t only mean in collaborating with fellow active and dynamic-spirited people, but also opens up possibilities in undergoing integrative-based learning experiences through Edcon’s 4 highly diverse sample departments to fully enhance one’s working capabilities. Edcon’s 4 sample departments have their own functions as listed and explained below:

  • Retail Operations: Building up Edcon’s brand presences to ensure Edcon’s position as “The Places to Go” among all of South Africa’s retailing businesses through various positions, such as Sales Assistants, Store Manager, Store Admin Manager, Operations Manager, Visual Merchandising, and Brands
  • Merchandising: Creating unique fashions for Edcon through diverse functions such as Planning, Buying, Trends, QA, Marketing, and Sourcing
  • Corporate: Enhancing professionally-innovative working opportunities in terms of Finance, IT, HR, Business Intelligence, or Property functions in Edcon
  • Financial Services: Providing private label cards, nurturing finance-based relationships with Absa, and offering insurance products to Edcon’s around 3.8 million customers through being the Call Centre Agent or Call Centre Manager of Edcon Credit and Financial Services.

Additionally, these following sample jobs at Edcon are available for applying in this 2020 year:

  • Financial Accountant
  • Specialist Planner
  • Specialist Buyer
  • Store Manager
  • Information Technology (IT) Manager or Specialist
  • and much more (refer to Edcon’s full lists of career opportunities on its official career portal).

Edcon’s Job Opportunities’ Requirements for Application’s Eligibility
To be eligible to apply for any of Edcon’s career opportunities as mentioned above, candidates should satisfy these minimum criteria:

  • Be either a South African person or a foreign person with South African working visa
  • Have at least a Grade 12 certificate or equivalent
  • Have a valid ID card or passport
  • Be a historically disadvantaged or disabled people (encouraged to apply).

(Special Note: Since each vacancy has their different minimum skills or working experiences criteria that can be updated each period, candidates are encouraged to monitor these through Edcon’s official career opportunities’ overview page.)

How to Apply for Edcon’s Job Opportunities
Edcon’s job applications can be done through clicking the “Start Application” button after clicking the “Apply” tab located on the left side of Edcon’s career opportunities’ overview page. Unlike other companies’ online application portal, Edcon asks interested applicants to upload their CV along with filling in all necessary fields in the application form. Therefore, interested candidates should prepare their CV prior to applying for jobs at Edcon.

After done with their CV and online application form, candidates should click “Next” to proceed further with Edcon’s job application processes. Please ensure that all fields have been filled in and all supporting documents such as Passport or ID Card and certified copies of prior qualifications have been uploaded before submitting.

Opening and Closing Dates of Edcon’s Job Vacancies on 2020
Edcon opens up new job vacancy opportunities each year, including in this 2020 year. For the most recently-updated opening and closing dates of Edcon’s career opportunities on 2020, please refer to Edcon’s main career page.

Edcon Job-Related Contact Numbers
These following telephone and fax numbers should be contacted in case of further Edcon job-related questions:

  • Telephone Number: (011) 495 – 6000
  • Fax Number: (011) 837 – 5019

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