Rand Water Job Vacancies 2020

Interested Job Seekers in Helping to Provide Water Sanitation-Based Solutions Should Head Over These Information about Rand Water Job Opportunities 2020
By focusing its primary water sanitation-based operations on equity, integrity, spirit of partnership, excellence, and caring values, Rand Water has become a South African-based company to have progressive financial growth. Its fixed places in its customer’s hearts eventually bring on its global potentials in developing and sustaining budget-friendly technologies to enhance its diverse competitive advantages.

These two main strengths of Rand Water makes it one of the best place for job seekers who are keen to realise its grand vision to provide solutions on African’s water sanitation level. The fact that Rand Water gives out a competitive salary and variable compensation for its employees in its various departments further place Rand Water as one of the most considerable places to work in.

Rand Water’s Sample Divisions and Jobs on 2020 and Its Requirements
Rand Water always tries its best to hire high-performed individuals who thrive in challenging work situations in order to get more promising talents in different job categories. With a highly diverse set of large-scale international projects, Rand Water along with the sample divisions per 2020 as listed below work together to ensure rewarding career outputs for its internal divisions:

  • COO Portfolio
  • Group Shared Services Portfolio
  • Human Resource Portfolio
  • IT and Knowledge Management
  • Legal Services
  • Operations
  • Rand Water Foundation
  • Scientific Services.

Those following sample departments have their own sample job vacancies in 2020, as listed below:

  • Drawing Records Clerk x3
  • Gardener
  • Drivers Aide
  • Records Courier
  • Stores Assistant – 2020
  • and much more (refer to Rand Water’s main portal of job vacancies for more information regarding on Rand Water’s sample career vacancies).

Even though each of those sample jobs has their own standards of minimum requirements such as minimum level of required skills or educational qualifications, it is important for candidates to satisfy these minimum criteria before applying:

  • Have an at least Grade 12 certificate
  • Able to communicate using both of verbal and written skills
  • Can function well in teamwork settings
  • Be computer-literate people (at least can operate Microsoft Office programmes)
  • Be either one of female or historically-disadvantaged people (considerable through Rand Water’s Employment Equity Objectives schemes).

How to Apply for Rand Water’s Job Opportunities
Application’s submissions for all of Rand Water’s job positions should be emailed to each different assigned email address as noted in each position’s PDF file upon clicking on each position’s name on Rand Water’s official job vacancy portal. Please bear in mind that each position has their own notice numbers. Therefore, failure to notify this will make Rand Water not consider applicants’ submitted job applications.

Furthermore, mailing correspondences will only be available for those who are invited to the next interviewing and assessing stages. The email follow-ups for shortlisted candidates will not exceed 30 days. Therefore, applicants should assume their applications are being unsuccessful if they don’t receive any news from Rand Water after 30 days or more of lodging the job application.

Rand Water’s Career Opportunities’ Closing Deadlines on 2020
The maximum closing deadline for Rand Water’s majority of career positions is on September 22, 2020. However, since these closing dates are different for each position, it is important for the interested applicant to view on Rand Water’s official job vacancy portal.

Rand Water’s Job-Related Contacts
Contact Rand Water’s Customer Service’s call centre on 0860 10 10 60 or drop messages by email on [email protected] on any further questions about Rand Water’s job vacancies.

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