Sasol Offering Job Vacancies as Miner in Secunda and Sasolburg

About Sasol
Sasol Limited is a company that has started off its early operations in the city of Sandton, South Africa, Established approximately six decades ago in Sasolburg, where the company got its name from, the company has been pioneering in the craft of energy and chemical integration, an idea that was concocted by the early German chemists and engineers. During present times, Sasol specializes in the field of technologies that make use of artificial fuels. This results in a series of products, such as liquid fuels, chemicals, and electricity.

One of the company’s branches, Sasol Mining, is not to be missed as well. With a total of six coal mines situated in different parts of South Africa, Sasol Mining contributes to the company’s value chain by providing coal to their main client, the Secunda Synfuels Operations (SSO). The coal that has been supplied will be proceeded to be utilized for generating electricity and even gasification feedstock. The company also supplies coal to their very own Sasolburg Operations (SO), as well as the Twistdraai Export Plant.

About the Sasol Job Vacancy
The Sasol Mining Group is currently offering job vacancies for the position of Miner. As a Miner, the job entails a series of tasks and duties that will be done in their respective sections. Candidates of this job vacancy must display the ability to plan, organize, and control the company’s operations on a day-to-day basis.

There are several responsibilities in which the Miner must conduct. The tasks and duties include:

  • Able to achieve the targets that have been set out
  • Increase the team’s working performance
  • Have the team follow the company’s SOP’s and COP’s
  • Ensure upmost safety within the working force
  • Bring out the potential of each respective team member
  • Inspect their work force to reduce the risks of miscommunication
  • Follow the legal Sasol Mining obligations
  • Jot down the best methods that are to be applied in the company
  • Educate other subordinates within the company
  • Able to run their administrative duties in an effective manner.

Future job applicants of the Sasol Job Vacancy must be able to adhere to these list of criteria. It is not surprising that the list comes off as long and very specific. As a Miner in Sasol, there are certain heavy duties that must be taken extremely seriously, especially within a working environment that mainly involves the use of different types of chemicals. Visit the official Sasol website to get a hindsight of what type of people the company is looking for.

Sasol Job Vacancy Requirements
Before you can think of registering for a Sasol Job Vacancy, there are a long list of elaborate requirements that must be fulfilled so that you could earn a spot in the Sasol Mining Group. As all of these criteria are the things that the employers will be searching for, please take each and every one of these requirements seriously.

The Sasol Job Vacancy Requirements include these following items:
Minimum Requirements

  1. A valid National Senior Certificate or Full N3 with the key subjects of Mathematics, and English/Business English
  2. A legitimate Blasting Certificate (for job vacancies that involves Fiery Mines)
  3. A legitimate First Aid Qualification
  4. A legitimate Red Ticket (or the ability to retrieve one)
  5. A legitimate driver’s license
  6. A valid Gas Testing certificate of 8 gasses
  7. Competent A scores
  8. At least 2 years of experience working in the underground coal mining field
  9. Well-equipped knowledge of Safety, Health, and Environment.

Personal Values

  1. Outstanding leadership skills
  2. Able to improve the value chain of the company
  3. Has an ability to create ideas and concepts
  4. Display impressive sound communication capabilities
  5. Tremendous interpersonal skills
  6. Can work independently by being self-aware and constantly self-correcting themselves.

As part of an initiative to create a more inclusive work place, Sasol will be prioritizing candidates coming from certain groups, such as people with disabilities, disadvantaged people, women, and such.

How to Apply
After you have double checked your eligibility and gathered all of the necessary documents, you may immediately start off your Sasol Job Vacancy applications. Applying for this job vacancy is as simple as opening your laptop, turning on the Internet, and accessing your browser. To register for the position, just access the Sasol Career Portal.

Once you have reached the Career Portal, please log in to your account to get a head start with the applications. However, if you do not have an account yet, you will be required to create one beforehand. The purpose of this account is to keep track of your applications forms and documentations under one online database in the system – so everything is neat and compact.

When your account is ready, you can now search for the Sasol Job Vacancy on the website. Scroll down the page and take a look at all of the positions that are offered by the Sasol Mining Group. However, if you can’t seem to find your preferred position in the company, we regret to inform you that the position has been closed.

However, not to fret! If you’re still keen on working for the Sasol Mining Group, you can always take a look at more of their job vacancies at this Career Portal, chose Country “South Africa”. Who knows? Today, you may not have the chance to attain the position, but in the upcoming future, you might just land yourself in another opportunity that is provided by the company.

In the mean time, as your applications are being processed by the company, kindly be informed that should you pass the administrative phase of the application, shortlisted candidates will be requested to participate in a pre-employment medical test. In addition, some of the offered positions may always ask you to go through a physical fitness assessment as it is an important factor to working environment.

Important Notice
Job seekers might encounter several application scams where they will ask you to pay a certain amount of money under the Sasol Mining Group name. Please be noted that there are absolutely no monetary fees are that are entailed with the application process. Should you encounter those types of false adverts, kindly report them to the Sasol Mining Group Head Office.

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  5. I am desperately looking for a job I have my full N3 with 73% Mathematics…I would be glad to be part of Sasol

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